The jazz & blues festival Sandviken Big Band Bang was founded in 1991. The idea came from municipal director Svante W Nordh, who thought that Sandviken should have a big band festival when we had such a good big band in town. Åke Björänge took the initiative with good help from Göran Olson. They both did the work and the sponsorship of the festival came from the municipality's Enterprise Company. A logo was created that looked like an explosion, and from this came the name "Sandviken Big Band Bang", which has since become "Bangen" in the vernacular.

It was decided that the festival would take place in Sandviken's city park and that the concerts would be held in a large concert tent, all based on a model from a festival in Finland.

In the first year, only big bands such as Blue Cluster, Kustbandet, Mikael Råbergs Storband, Visby Storband, WeBe Big Band and the Danish band Leonardo Pedersen's Jazzkapell were booked. Of course, there were also elements from Kulturskolan with the youth bands Jazzverksta´n and Sandviken Small Band.

Unfortunately, the festival was unlucky with the weather in its first year, with three days of rain and temperatures just above freezing. But people still enjoyed themselves and the praise from both audiences and artists poured in, helping to make the decision to continue Bangen.

Offering only big band music for three days was abolished already in the second year when the festival management decided to mix the programme with smaller groups of different kinds to get a broader programme. The demand grew every year and the festival managed to attract fine artists and groups from all corners of the world.

A volunteer organisation was set up from the start. It has been extremely valuable and the group consists of enthusiasts who work with Bangen out of the goodness of their hearts.

1997 - 99 Bangen was part of an EU project called "Music in Sandviken". The festival received external money from the county council and the EU and during these three years the festival could really offer fine artists and groups.

In the early 2000s, Bangen's fortunes took a turn for the worse and Kultur & Fritid, the main organiser of Bangen, began to question whether Sandviken Municipality would really support and organise festivals like Bangen. The threat of closure hung over the festival, but it survived. The municipal limited company Högbo Bruks AB took over the management of the festival and in 2003 the festival moved to the scenic Högbo. Högbo Bruk AB has really stood by and supported Bangen during these years and the festival would certainly still be there if the number of visitors had not decreased. Now Bangen is back in Stadsparken where it once started and we look forward to many more wonderful music summers together with our artists and audience.

Åke Björänge chose to retire after 21 years as festival general manager and handed over the helm to trombonist Peter Fredriksson. Peter worked with Bangen for 5 years but chose to step down after the 2017 festival. At the annual meeting, saxophonist Petter Findin was elected as the new chairman of Bangen Jazz & Blues.In 2021, Lasse Andersson was elected as chairman of the association.

Former artists and bands:

Blue Cluster, Kustbandet, Leonardo Pedersen's Jazz Band, Mikael Råberg Storband, Visby Storband, WeBe Big Band, Gösta Rundqvist Trio, Berit Andersson, Irene Sjögren, Arne Domnerus, Claes Janson, Ulf Johansson, Jerome Richardson, Svante Thuresson, Putte Wickman, Sandviken Big Band, Sandviken Small Band.

Lina Nyberg Kvintett, Niels-Henning Örstedt Pedersen Trio, Gösta Rundkvist Kvartett, Etta Cameron and The Voices of Joy, Ken Peplowski, Harlem Jazz Camels, Monica Zetterlund, Lasse Bagges Trio, Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, Herb Pomeroy, Ole Koch Hansen Trio, Lena Jansson, Monday Night Big Band, Jesper Thilo, Georgie Fame, Lewin-Jutterström Bop&Blues Crew, Krister Andersson, Toots Thielemans, WeBe Big Band, David Wilczewski.

Sandviken Small Band, Sveriges Jazzband, Svante Thuresson, Gösta Rundqvist Trio, Antti Sarpila & Kjell Fernströms Trio, Ulf Wakenius Kvartett, Niels Lan Doky, Lars Danielsson, Adam Nussbaum, Tommy Körberg, Mats Holmkvist Stora Stygga, Pierre Swärds Trio, Lasse Lindgren Band, Lena & Jonken Quintet, WeBe Big Band, Sharon Dyall, Tim Hagans, Gustavo Bergalli, Harald Svensson, Sandviken Big Band, Deborah Brown, Toots Thielemans, Yasuhito Mori.

Ken Peplowski, Warren Vaché with Kjell Fernströms Trio, Alice Babs, Sandviken Big Band, Putte Wickman, Rune Gustavsson, Butch Lacy, Jesper Lundgaard, Aage Tanggaard, Tommy Körberg, Mats Holmkvist Stora Stygga, Pelle Lindström with Peter Carlsson, GUBB, Sandviken Small Band, Svend Asmussen Kvartett, Mikael Råberg Storband, Mathias Windemo Group, Nils Lindberg, Krister Andersson, Anna Eiding, Jesper Thilo, Ann Farholt, WeBe Big Band, Sharon Dyall.

Sandviken Big Band, Georgie Fame, Marie Bergman, Roger Pontare, Claes Janson Band, Stereobonix, Nils Landgren Unit, Gospel Night, Credo Choir, Sandviken Small Band, Storsjö Kapell, Linda Pettersson, Brazz Brothers, Lena & Jonken Kvintett, Dixieland Kids, Jazz in Topzies, Clark Terry, Lennart Åberg Kvintett, Chicago Express, Sven Zetterberg, Jonas Knutsson, GUBB, WeBe Big Band, Viktoria Tolstoy, Latin Jazzamba, Mike Stern, Bob Malach, Jeff Andrews, Dave Weckle.

Jazzverksta´n, Brazz Brothers, Bobby Shew, Sandviken Big Band, Jazz Furniture, Deborah Brown, Jan Lundgren Trio, Rolf Wickström, Sveriges Jazzband, Sandviken Small Band, Elexir, Ackis Storband, Swedish Swing Society, Jeanette Lindström Kvintett, Tribal Tech with Garry Willis & Scott Henderson, Peter Asplund Kvintett, Rigmor Gustafsson, Cissi Wennerström Big Band, Svante Thuresson, Beppeorkestern.

Bernt Egerbladh's Trio, Ingvar Palm Sextet, Hornton, Ann-Britt Andersson Sextet, Woodwind, Ann-Kristin Hedmark Quintet, Elexir, Niels-Henning Örstedt Pedersen, Ulf Wakenius, Rebecka Thörnkvist, Per "Texas" Johansson, Esbjörn Svensson, Svend Asmussen Quartet, Peter Carlsson & Blå Grodorna, Hector Bingert Latin Lover Big Band, Hot Club of Stockholm, Bo Kaspers Orkester, Jan Allan, Jan Strinnholm, Lasse Lindgren, Sandviken Big Band, James Moody, Peter Nordahl Trio, Nils Landgren Funk Unit, GUBB, Mats Öberg, Viktoria Tolstoy, Lars Jansson Trio, Tommy Körberg, Stefan Nilsson, Bohuslän Big Band, Cæcilie Norby, Mike Stern Band, Dave Weckle, Bob Sheppard, Lincoln Goines.

Sandviken Big Band, Jan Johansen, Ulf Johansson Trio, Mynta, Farmers Market, Mats Ronander, Louise Hoffsten, Robin Nolan Trio, Bosse Broberg, Lennart Åberg, Peter Erskine Trio, Sandvika Big Band, Mark Nightingale, Ray Brown Trio, Wille Craaford, Mats Holmkvist Stora Stygga, Lena Jansson, Andreas Pettersson Band, GUBB, Nils Lindberg, Saxes Galore, Woody Herman Big Band, Tower of Power.

Luluk Purwanto, Hansson & Carlsson, Hornton, Bernt Egerbladh, Ulf Johansson Werre, Sandviken Big Band, James Morrison, Svante Thuresson Kvartett, Magnus Lindgren Big Band, Pelle Lindström Hay Dukes, GUBB, Jojje Wadenius, Lars Lindgren Hip Bop Band, Buffalo Jump, The Real Group, Phil Woods & NHÖP Trio, Katrine Madsen Quintet, The Shady Trees, The Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Svend Asmussen Quartet, Bo Kaspers Orkester.

Sandviken Big Band, Ray Andersson, Sliding Hammers, Toots Thielemans, Peps Persson, Blues Transfusion, GUBB, Mattias Windemo, Putte Wickman, Claes Crona Trio, The Rosenberg Trio, Norrbotten Big Band, Johnny Griffin Quartet, Louise Hoffsten, New Orleans Nightcrawlers, Ulf Johansson Were Trio, Magnus Broo Kvartett, Viktoria Tolstoy Band, Charlie Norman Trio, Sandviken Small Band.

Sandviken Big Band, New York Voices, Stacey Kent, Gösta Rundqvist Trio, Peter Asplund Big Band, Rigmor Gustafsson, Roots of Funk, GUBB, Fredrik Nordström, Norrbotten Big Band, Povel Ramel, Ulf Johansson Werre, Carrie Smith, Sierra Maestra, Fredrik Norén Band, Reykjavik Big Band, Mattias Windemo, Chris Barber Jazz & Blues Band, Kalle Moreaus, Bengan Jansson.

Sandviken Big Band, Bobby Shew, Kjell Öhman, Buffalo Jump, Ken Peplowski, Putte Wickman, Claes Crona Trio, Ray Gelato Giants, Bertil Strandberg Neo Bop Sextet, Ulf Johansson Werre, Öhman - Janson VSOP, Norrbotten Big Band, Lisa Nilsson, GUBB, Magnus Lindgren Big Band, Ernie Watts, Andreas Pettersson, Corpo, Stockholm Soneros, Scott Hamilton, Alice Babs, Nils Lindberg Saxes Galore, Robben Ford Blues Band.

Sandviken Big Band, New York Voices, Joe Spinaci, Wendell Brunious, Ulf Johansson Werre, Andreas Pettersson, Lill Lindfors, Hector Bingert, Claes Crona Trio, Magnus Lindgren, GUBB, Hot Club de Norvège, Bohuslän Big Band, Estonian Dream Big Band, Tommy Körberg, Brewery Blues Band, Svante Thuresson, Katrine Madsen.

Sandviken Big Band, Ulf Johansson Werre, Helen Sjöholm, Anders Widmarks Trio, Terence Blanchard Sextet, Dave Kelly Band, GUBB, Andreas Pettersson, Hot Club de Suede, Fredrik Lindeborg, Bohuslän Big Band, Mikael Rickfors, Esbjörn Svensson Trio, Oddjob, Timbuktu, Nils Janson Quartet, Ingvar Palm, Hep Cats, Lisa Björänge Quartet, Pierre Swärd Trio, Concentus.

Sandviken Big Band, Claes Janson, Ulf Johansson Werre, Bohuslän Big Band, Lew Soloff, Randy Brecker, Bill Evans Soul Bop Band, GUBB, Hot´n Spicy, Jojje Wadenius, Magnus Lindgren, Owe Thörnkvist, Richard Galliano Septet, Jacky Terrason Trio, Rigmor Gustafsson, Blacknuss, Mathias Algotsson Trio, Johan Setterlind, Klas Toresson, Adam Forkelid, Hep Cats, Vikelvens Jazzband, JJ Bluesband.

Sandviken Big Band, Lasse Erstrand, Louise Hoffsten, Mike Stern Band, Georgie Fame, Guy Barker, Jappz, GUBB, Peter Asplund, Time, Little Mike, Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, Jimmy Cobb, Grant Stewart, Gunhild Carling, Harlem Hot Shots, Monorae Blues Band, Trio Askeladd, Papa Bues Viking Jazz Band,

Sandviken Big Band, Salem al Fakir, HR Big Band, Blood Sweat & Tears, GUBB, Dicken Hedrenius, Hacke Björksten, Ulf Johansson Werre, Gunhild Carling Big Band, Harlem Hot Shots, Örjan Fahlström, Yellowjackets, Malene Mortensen Quartet, KOOP, Les 3, Honken-Brundin Band, TrioLiv.

Sandviken Big Band, Rigmor Gustafsson, Magnus Lindgren, Riltons Vänner, Kalle Moreaus, Bengan Jansson, The Prezidents Men, Klas Toresson, Ulf Johansson Werre, LL Big Constellation, Lasse Lindgren, Theresa Anderson, Klas Lindkvist Nonett, GUBB, Bohuslän Big Band, Magnus & Henrik Rongedal Band, Mnozil Brass, Nisse Landgren, Magnum Coltrane Price, Harlem Gospel & Blues Band, Daniel Fredar Trio, Lisa Björänge, Jappz, Niklas Bjarnehäll, Ellen Weiss.

Ulf Johansson Werre, Sandviken Big Band, Andreas Johnson, Janne Schaffer Electric Band, Thorbjörn Risager Blues Band, Sandviken Small Band, GUBB, Karin Hammar, Amanda Sedgwick, Vocation, Stockholm Swing All Stars, Bohuslän Big Band, Caroline af Ugglas, The Puppini Sisters, Jaqee, Kevin, Bay City Seven, Niklas Bjarnehäll, Ellen Weiss.

Sandviken Big Band, Margareta Bengtsson, Peter Asplund, Pelle Lindström Hay Dukes, Benny Green Trio, Roffe Wikström, Sandviken Small Band, GUBB, Filip Jers, Matti Norlin, Jesper Thilo Kvartett, Trickbag, Wes Weston, Kenny Barron Trio, David Sanchez, Sven Zetterberg, Young Shy & Handsome, Home, Fredar, The Quiet Nights Orchestra.

Sandviken Big Band & Deborah Brown, Magnus Carlson & Moonray Quintet, Peter Asplund & Martin Sjöstedt Dektett, Malted Milk, GUBB & Magnus Carlson, Agnas Bros, Gunhild Carling Big Band, Harlem Hot Shots, Andreas Pettersson Quartet & Deborah Brown, Georgie Fame Swedish Quartet, Hank T Morris & The Amazing Buffalo Brothers Big Band, Lekverk, Neighbourhood, Pat Wood Quintet, Carin Morris & Pocket Rockers.

Brewhouse Big Band, Firman, Rasmus Faber - Platina Jazz, Klabbes Bank, Sandviken Big Band & Molly Pettersson - Hammar, Gustav Lundgren, Miriam Âida, Renegade Creation, GUBB - Lekverk, Le Jazz Cool, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Ulf Johansson Werre Air Force, Thorbjörn Risager.

Vertigo Jets, Triple X, Mathias Algotsson & Johan Setterlind Duo, Bosse Heeds Storband, Sandviken Small Band, Jappz, I stunden, Triorum, Sandviken Big Band & Roger Pontare, Brothers Two Others feat. Jan Allan, Alice Ricciardi Quartet, Jasmine Kara, Georg & Sarah Riedel, GUBB feat. Ale Möller & Mats Öberg, Calle Bagge Trio feat. Isabella Lundgren & Karin Hammar, Claes Crona Trio feat. Svante Thuresson & Viktoria Tolstoy, GUBB Allstars 2013, Timo Lassy Band, Jakob Nordgren Big Band Splash.

SRAS, In Orbit, Bosse Heeds Storband, Titti Sjöblom & Ehrling Eliasson, Margareta Bengtson & Lennart Simonsson, Svenska Improvisations, Neighbourhood, Lisa Björänge Quintet, City Nights, Tisdagsgänget, Jappz, Sandviken Big Band, Jojje Wadenius, Claes Janson, Louise Hoffsten & Claes Crona Trio, Magnus Lindgren & Friends, Calle Real, Bangen Jazz Collective, GUBB & Per "Texas" Johansson, Sinne Eeg, Glenn Miller Orchestra, Mattias Windemo Trio feat. Rigmor Gustafsson & Joakim Milder, Pierre Swärd Organ Jazz'n Soul Group feat. Clas Yngström, Simone Moreno & Os Lourinhos, Spunk Funk, Kråkan & Busarna.

Rigmor Gustafsson & Mattias von Wachenfeldt, Peter Asplund Big Band, Ciwan Haco, Kristian Persson Elements, JJ Blues Band, Sandviken Big Band & Nils Landgren, Stockholm Voices, Ecaroh, Dirty Loops, Bangen Jazz Collective, Så Gävla Jazz, GUBB & Lars Jansson, Bernt Rosengren Quartet feat. Krister Andersson, Bobo Stenson Trio, Kristin Korb, Lisa Lystam Family Band, Nils Landgren Funk Unit, Sandviken Small Band, Mamman & Pappan, Orkester Pop, Jappz, Kråkan & Busarna.

Jan Allan, Carin Lundin & Mathias Algotsson, Sandviken Big Band feat. Kristin Amparo & Andreas Weise, Klas Toresson Quartet & Lena Jansson, Håkan Broström New Places Orchestra & Ebbot Lundberg, Apocalyptic Brass Collective & Cleo, JJ Blues Band, Bangen Jazz Collective, Björn Atle Anfinsen Quintet, Jappz, GUBB & Hildegunn Øiseth, Jan Lundgren-Harry Allen Group, Ann-Sofi Söderqvist Jazz Orchestra, Svante Thuresson & Claes Crona Trio, Ida Bang & The Blue Tears, Sandviken Big Band & Robben Ford, Vattenmannen & Speed, Kapten Schack Matt & Jubb Jubb.

Ulf Johansson Werre, Klas Lindquist, Oscar Johansson Werre, David's Angels, Sandviken Big Band feat. Randy Brecker, Malene Mortensen Quartet, Jukka Eskola Soul Trio, Sallyswag, JJ Blues Band, Bangen Jazz Collective, Hela Octaven, Jappz, GUBB & Jonas Kullhammar, Vivian Buczek & Martin Sjöstedt Trio feat. Fredrik Lindborg & Karl Olandersson, Ekdahl/Bagge Big Band, Nils Janson Quartet, Lisa Nilsson & Erik Söderlind, Erja Lyytinen Band, Kråkan & Busarna, Nassim al Fakir.

Adam Forkelid/Georg Riedel/Jon Fält, JJ Blues Band, Bob's Carnival, Gävleborgs Ungdoms Big Band feat. Nils Landgren, Janne Schaffer, Jappz, Kråkan & Busarna, Kulturscen Sandviken, Lisa Björänge Quintet, Sam Rocket & His Blues Prisoners, Sandviken Big Band + Special Guest: Diane Schuur, Scott Hamilton + Jan Lundgren Quartet, Some Funk Junk, Sthlm svaga, Terese Lien Evenstad Quartet, Thomas Backman.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


Lars Danielsson & Cecilie Norrby, Jan Allan, Ann-Kristin Hedmark, Sandviken Big Band + Amanda Ginsburg, Claes Janson, Ellen Andersson, Kristin Amparo & Combo De La Musica, JJ Blues Band, GUBB & Lars Danielsson, Jazz Vocal Unit: Svante Thuresson, Vivian Buzcek, Peter Asplund, Victoria Tolstoy, Klas Toresson & Linus Lindblom, Bo Sundström, Hank T Morris & The Amazing Buffalo Brothers Big Band, Jappz, Blomkraft, Sunset Serenaders


cancelled due to pandemic


Lisas + Joakim Milder, Louisiana Avenue, Bror Gunnar Jansson, Sandviken Big Band + Magnus Carlsson, Lisa Björänge Quintet, European Trumpet Allstars "Bill Chase tribute", JJ Bluesband, Riedel/Ståhl, Sandviken Small Band, GUBB + Elise Einarsdotter, Sandviken Big Band + Georg Riedel, The Mamas & Blacknuss, Peter Carlsson + Kjell Gustavsson Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, Lina Nyberg/Daniel Karlsson "The Night And The Music", Jojje Wadenius, Alice!